Born and raised in Washington, I have a profound appreciation for this amazing place that I call home. I am fascinated with documenting the beauty of this region’s wild areas so these scenes can be enjoyed beyond the moment and location of their capture. My husband and I are outdoors as often as possible with the goal of witnessing and capturing the Pacific Northwest at its finest, now often with our one year old son as well.

In an effort to portray reality through photography, all of my images are single exposures and processed using Adobe Lightroom.

I was honored to have one of my photos receive the grand prize in a 2015 photo contest sponsored by The Mountaineers and to have been a finalist in Outdoor Photographer magazine's Fourth Annual Great Outdoors contest. My work has been printed in multiple issues of Washington Trails Magazine and featured by REI, The Mountaineers, and the U.S. Department of the Interior.

I was first drawn to landscape photography on the hiking trail as a teenager. I found myself constantly wishing I could take the views I found on the trail home with me. Now in my early thirties, I find myself hiking, climbing, cycling, kayaking, and capturing the scenes I encounter on these travels and adventures. While I cannot replicate the entire experience - the sound of elk bugles and ocean waves, the scent of fir forests, the feel of a rocky hiking trail under my boots, or my own sweat and sometimes even tears - I can capture what I see in a still photograph that I thoughtfully compose to convey what I saw, and hopefully the emotion I felt, as I witnessed the scene.

It is my pleasure to share this vision; a vision has led to a great respect, and an increasingly deep concern for the beautiful place I live and wander. With outdoor activities becoming more and more popular in our region, there is even more reason to treat our wild places with care. My husband and I make an effort in all our travels to act in accordance with what the outdoor community calls Leave No Trace ethics. Sometimes this means giving up what could have been a better shot. I opt to not step on fragile alpine plants to get a particular angle, and we intentionally avoid setting up camp in an unsustainable place just to get "the shot" that would cater to social media. To me, an image is worthless if this sort of harm was inflicted in its making.

My images are available from me directly as loose prints, matted prints, canvases, cards, wood prints and metal prints. I am so honored every time my work is appreciated enough to warrant such an investment. Some of my most popular images are displayed on my Portfolio page, and most images posted to social media are available as prints. Pricing on some sizes and styles can be found in my online prints store. For pricing on loose prints, or for rights to commercial use, contact me directly.

On a limited basis, I am also available to do portrait, event, and commissioned landscape and architectural photography. Click HERE for portrait details.