My lifelong love for the Pacific Northwest has become a fascination with capturing through photography the beauty and mystery of this wild earth for enjoyment beyond moment and location.

I grew up just north of Seattle and was first drawn to photography as a teen on the hiking trail, wishing I could take it all home with me. Now in my early thirties I find myself hiking, climbing, cycling, and kayaking while capturing the scenes I encounter. While I cannot replicate the entire experience – the sound of elk bugles and ocean waves, the scent of fir forests and desert sage, the feel of a rocky hiking trail under my boots, the crunch as my ice ax grips an ancient glacier – I capture what I see in a still photograph.

It is my pleasure to share a vision that has led to a great respect, and an increasingly deep concern, for the beautiful place I have lived and wandered my entire life. I create all my photographs with care and respect, treading carefully while following Leave No Trace outdoor ethics. These intricate and fragile alpine meadows, lush forests, and pristine beaches deserve nothing less. I hope the care I take and emphasize will inspire others to do the same. My husband and I have a two year old son now, and the paradox of human selfishness and selflessness has never been more apparent to me.

Photography for me has evolved beyond a mere desire to document and into a drive to create fine art that can be appreciated both contextually and abstractly. Visiting art shows as a child with my parents helped me soak up natural compositions, and I have since developed my own eye and style. My work has received honors and awards, and has been published both online and in print. Yet there is no greater compliment than when someone invests in a print and states that they do so because it stirs within them emotion, awe, or inspiration.

In an effort to portray reality through photography, all of my images are single exposures and processed using Adobe Lightroom.

My images are available from me directly as loose prints, matted prints, canvases, cards, wood prints, and metal prints. I am so honored every time my work is appreciated enough to warrant such an investment. Some of my most popular images are displayed on my Portfolio page, and most images posted to social media are available as prints. Pricing on some sizes and styles can be found in my online prints store. For licensing, contact me directly. I’m also excited to announce that a wide selection of greeting cards featuring my photos are now available on Etsy, please click HERE to link to my Etsy shop.

On a limited basis, I am also available to do portrait, event, and commissioned landscape and architectural photography, please contact me for details.

My next scheduled showing is October 6th - November 24th at Onelife Community Church in Wedgwood (Seattle)