A Few Photos Escaping My Control

Oh, the joys of being a photographer…

I found out yesterday that another of my photos had been stolen, and the thief was getting the credit. I wouldn’t have known, had my photo not shown up in my social media feed attached to a post on the REI blog. When I clicked through, I saw not only was I not credited, but the thief’s name was listed there instead. I had to laugh when the photo wasn’t even from the hike the post was talking about.

I won’t get into the details as the picture has been removed from the stock site it was listed on, and REI has removed it from their article, but it left me with a bad, violated taste in my mouth. I nearly always will agree to allow my photos to be used by non-profits, and sometimes even for profit companies, so long as I am credited in the caption. But I will be much more careful with who I share with now. These four photos posted below all have something in common, and I suspect that thing in common is how they escaped my control. They were shared in good faith, and at some point were stolen. If you happen to see any of these four images anywhere, and there is either no credit or the credit is not to me, could you shoot me an email with the link so I can have it taken down? Thanks so much for the crowd sourced help. : )

Franklin Falls.jpg